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Dec 20, 2019 · "Pulling one's leg" is an idiom which means teasing, or joking with someone, specifically by telling them something that is not true.

” Extremely popular in the 20 th century, the origin of this phrase is still something of an enigma to etymologists. What does pulling your leg mean? "You're Pulling my leg" is an expression meaning that you can't believe something someone just said.

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. " Rapid English on Instagram: "Make use of the Idiom "cost an arm and a leg" in your sentence and write it in the comment section. Jun 6, 2015 · The correct phrase is.

“I just won the lottery!” “Are you pulling my leg ?”.

This term originates from Victorian London in mid-19th century. Definition of pull someone's leg in the Idioms Dictionary. .

Aug 10, 2006. .


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Suspicious of any lie, we may say "Pull the other one - it's got bells on.

Apr 17, 2013 · Idiom of the Week: Pulling My Leg.

<strong>What does pulling your toe mean? Pulling your leg-means just.

12. It means, "you are playing a joke on me; other expressions with the same sense include, "you are kidding me," "you are jibing me. “I’m just pulling your leg ,” he added after.

b. Pulling someone’s leg” is a humorous English idiom that refers to a joking comment made in order to trick or amuse another person. To "pull my leg" is to tell me a lie, usually in fun. . .

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4 Bums on seats. This term for a time was thought to allude to the gruesome practice of pulling on the legs of a person who was being hanged in order to shorten his or her agony.

The sense of "you are pulling my leg," is 'you are making something up.




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